About Us

The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Our teams are committed to ensuring that the customer journey is a positive and efficient experience.

MDG has been the leading provider of medical evidence gathering services since 1994. We use secure and innovative technology to accelerate the end-to-end process and deliver a consistently superior standard of customer service throughout the entire process.

MDG One Team is made up of experienced staff at all levels, committed to providing the best and most efficient customer experience to everyone we come in contact with, be it the end customer, our clients, medical professionals we deal with, and each other.

At MDG, we are not afraid to be ambitious. Consequently, we strive to do a great job every minute of every day, in all the tasks we carry out. We set ourselves high standards and take ownership of our performance, so that we get it right first time. To achieve this, it is necessary to constantly assess our processes, procedures, guidelines and letters to ensure they are up to date and relevant.

We provide medical data gathering services to the life insurance market, and specialist reports and rehabilitation services to support claims services.

  • Network Screenings
  • Doctor Screenings
  • Tele-Interviewing
  • GPR
  • ICP
  • Ergonomics & Workplace Physiotherapy
  • CARE (Claims & Rehabilitation Excellence)
  • Peer Review
  • Health & Social Research

All our work, services and systems are secure and GDPR compliant. We have Cyber Essentials accreditation and a range of policies and guidelines that ensure we remain consistent, fair and ethical in all that we do.