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Claims & Rehabilitation Excellence

MDG works with employers, insurers and individuals to provide targeted, cost-effective rehabilitation programmes.

With managed networks of physiotherapists and access to healthcare professionals across all clinical disciplines, we are ideally placed to devise a rehabilitation programme no matter what the injury or condition.

What makes us different?

Every case referred to our Rehabilitation division is assessed by our own experienced team, either to provide a stand-alone recommendation for treatment, or to verify the advice in an existing medico-legal report.

Once the triage process has taken place, we will advise our client on the most effective course of treatment, setting out a menu of programmes, where relevant, and advising on the likely return on investment of each. During the treatment process, our clinical governance team is on hand to provide ethical and clinical support to our healthcare practitioners.

Case Management

If after triage a case fits the criteria for case management, this will be highlighted and discussed with the customer. These cases are normally multi-factorial in nature, and may require a more detailed assessment, report and rehabilitation plan to be created by one of our clinical Case Managers.

They will ensure the coordination of all the necessary diagnostic and rehabilitation strands, possibly including the integration of the NHS and Social Services.


We offer convenient, clinically excellent physiotherapy treatment which enables individuals to get back to normal life as swiftly as possible. Closely-monitored, tailored courses of treatment benefit both individual and client, which is why we always check on progress after the first 5 sessions of physiotherapy. Experience has shown us that in roughly 85% of cases individuals require only 5 or 6 sessions of rehabilitation physiotherapy. In these instances, rather than proceed with, for example, a prescribed course of 10 sessions, we will advise that treatment can be concluded as soon as the required result has been achieved: saving individuals time and clients money.

In those rare cases where physiotherapy treatment continues for more than 10 sessions, our clinical governance team are always alerted in order to ascertain whether an alternative therapy or treatment may be more effective.

Psychological services

Along with musculoskeletal disorders, mental health issues are one of the top causes of sickness absence in the UK, with costs to businesses estimated by the Health & Safety Executive to be around £3.7 billion annually. Stress and other mental health issues affect individuals to differing extents: identifying the correct type of intervention required and making objective assessments of progress is crucial.

In order to ensure consistency and aid assessment, our 300 CBT counsellors nationwide use our own specially-designed psychometric test, allowing us to provide clients with valuable, measurable data on the effectiveness of psychological treatment.


MDG has well established relationships with quality-focused diagnostic providers across the UK, allowing quick access to a wide range of tests at the most cost effective price. As well as commonly-use diagnostic tools such as MRI, CT scans and x-rays, we also regularly instruct on more specialist investigations such as CERA (Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry) and bone scans.

One-stop shop

MDG is unusual in having experience and expertise in so many areas related to rehabilitation. Clients come to us for straightforward physiotherapy cases, complex mental health requirements, workstation assessments and other ergonomic services, occupational health assessments, functional capacity evaluations, peer review, medico-legal reporting and even to arrange hospital surgery.

By providing a holistic service, we make the rehabilitation process smoother, more convenient and cost-effective for our clients and their customers.

CARE team

Rehabilitation cases are handled by our centralised Claims, Absence & Rehabilitation Excellence (or CARE) Team, who between them have many years’ experience dealing with the often sensitive and emotive issues associated with rehabilitation. The team works closely together to ensure a streamlined process for our clients and their customers.

Online systems

Case instructions, referral requests, progress updates and reports are processed and monitored via our secure, online portal and case management systems; allowing the referrer swift and convenient access to case files 24/7.

Management information

Vast amounts of valuable data are harvested via our online systems, providing clients with a clear overview of their rehabilitation business. Standard reports include information on how many cases a client has sent to us, broken down by client team; the cost-effectiveness of our course of treatment versus, for example, an initial recommendation by another party; the period of time an individual spends in rehabilitation and the overall cost. Bespoke reports can be requested to include information such as injury types, geographical spread, average ages, recovery rate against age, and length of time between the date of injury and referral for rehabilitation.

For further information, please contact our National Account Manager, Suzanne Wilkinson at enquiries@medicalsdirectgroup.co.uk

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