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Delivering accurate and extensive bio-measurement data for government and academic research studies using our flexible, efficient and cost-effective fieldwork models, delivered by our professional and friendly nurses and clinicians.

MDG can provide efficient and innovative methods of capturing bio-measurement data using its nationwide mobile nurse and clinic networks. We work closely with TNS BMRB, one of the UK’s leading providers of high quality survey research.

MDG is perfectly placed to deliver to a wide range of ad hoc and longitudinal research studies in health and social research, meeting each study’s bespoke requirements and all receiving the highest quality of bio-measurement and cognitive data for analysis.

For study participants, the flexibility of visiting a nearby clinic or welcoming one of our experienced, trained research nurses to their home offers choice and convenience. Our nurses and clinicians are professional and friendly and ensure that the research experience is positive and meets ethical requirements. This in turn, provides each study with the very best opportunity to collect high quality data and to maximise the response rate, a key issue when measuring the success of any study.

All studies are closely managed by our project and operation teams, and use our proprietary software and systems. These systems provide efficient and secure transmission of the data sent to and collected from, our clinics and nurse fieldworkers. Our nurse fieldworkers use our online platform to receive instructions and to keep the case file updated with appointment-related information. MDG operates within clinical frameworks and is compliant with the NHS’ Information Governance toolkit, ensuring that our people, services and processes meet the highest professional standards.

A strong and successful partnership exists between MDG and TNS BMRB which has ‘the longest continuous heritage of any social research company in Britain’ http://www.tns-bmrb.co.uk/about-us, thereby providing our health and social research clients with an excellent end to end provider with the required expertise, professionalism and skill sets to deliver high quality bio-measurement data for analysis and reporting.

For further information, please contact our National Account Manager, Suzanne Wilkinson at enquiries@medicalsdirectgroup.co.uk

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