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Immediate Care Plan

Immediate Care Plan (ICP) is an agreement between the major providers of Immediate Care annuities aimed at simplifying and speeding up the process of getting you firm offer terms for your clients.

Past experience suggests that GPs and Care Homes are more likely to deal with a request for a single report than they are to action simultaneous requests for several different ones.

What are the advantages?

Your client will need to complete only one form to obtain offer terms from each of the participating providers. You will only need to submit the completed form to one central point.

You will get premium figures from each provider: these will be guaranteed offer prices.

Which Immediate Care Plan providers are taking part?

The process is available from the current member companies; Aviva and Just Plc. Other Immediate Care Plan providers, either existing ones or new ones entering the market, are welcome to join the group to take advantage of this process.

What is the basis of the process?

Two important developments make the process possible.

  • The providers have agreed to accept a single form – the CFPQ – from your client to request offer terms for their Care annuity.
  • The providers will use a central point – MDG – to obtain a medical report from both your client’s GP and their Care Home (where appropriate). These medical reports will be used by each provider to help them to make their own independent underwriting decision.¬†This will not only relieve you, the adviser of much of your administrative burden, but because only one agency will be requesting reports and all the medical information and making them available to the providers terms can be offered expediently.

For further information, please contact our National Account Manager, Suzanne Wilkinson at enquiries@medicalsdirectgroup.co.uk


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