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Network Screenings

Our network of Medical Professionals carries out over 95,000 screenings per year. Customers can be visited at their convenience in their home, place of work or other designated location. We also use a number of clinics where screenings can take place.

Once we have received the new instruction from the insurance company, it is sent to the relevant medical professional, who will in turn, contact the customer to book a mutually convenient appointment. The medical report is completed from a library of available questionnaires, depending on what is required. Blood and saliva tests can be performed, along with measurements and urine testing.

The screening process is completely automated using iPad technology and as soon as an instruction is received it is transmitted to the medical professional’s iPad.

The completed form is uploaded and available on Meditrak in real-time, often minutes after a screening has been completed.

The case is tracked by Head Office to ensure Service Level Agreements are adhered to and Management Information is provided to the client at the beginning of each month.

For further information, please contact our National Account Manager, Suzanne Wilkinson at enquiries@medicalsdirectgroup.co.uk

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